Unsere Fremdsprachenassistentin


GraceHello! My name is Grace, I am a third-year languages and European Studies student at the University of Bath in the UK. During this academic year I have had the privilege of being the English Language Assistant at Gymnasium Walther von der Vogelweide.

As I am writing this, my time working here in Bozen is drawing to a close and I would like to start by thanking the school (especially the English department) for making me feel extremely welcome and an effective member of the team. It has been a pleasure for me to get to know the teachers and students alike and I hope that during my time at the school I have been able to share as much of my British culture with them, as they have shared their South Tyrolean culture with me.


During the year, my role as an English Language Assistant has consisted of working alongside four English teachers and their classes to create a British influence in the classrooms, to allow students the opportunity to talk and work with a native English speaker. The teachers and I work together to create this British influence by choosing interactive and contemporary topics to discuss and work on during class. Examples range from the #MeToo movement to the role science plays in society today after studying Frankenstein. Naturally, in light of the current political atmosphere in the UK, there has also been a lot of discussions focussed around Brexit! Another aspect of my role is to share my British culture with the students. This has been one of my favourite parts of the role, as not only does it allow me the opportunity to talk about my home and traditions, the students have always shown a keen interest to develop their understanding of British culture, taking the opportunity to ask questions and broaden their idea of what it means to be British for a young person today. In addition to working orally with the students, we have also spent time improving writing, reading and listening skills amongst the students, paying particular attention to those who will be sitting their final exams at the end of the year.

It has been a pleasurable year for me at Gymnasium Walther von der Vogelweide and one that I, as a university student, have learnt a considerable amount from. The students I have worked with and gotten to know have hugely impressed me with their level of English and their dedication to their studies. However, what has impressed me the most is the students’ obvious pride in being from South Tyrol. Thanks to many recommendations from students I have been able to explore Bozen and South Tyrol and have discovered an area that very quickly started to feel like a second home.

Drawing my reflections to a close, I’d like to wish the students who will be doing their final year exams this summer all of the luck and to all of the younger students I have worked with I’d like to wish them continued success with their studies. Having experienced living and working in a different country I have mixed emotions as my time here draws to a close – sadness at the thought of my impending departure but also excitement about the prospect of what the future could hold as I complete my degree and continue on my own personal adventure.


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