Nick Allen's Debating Workshop

deb1p2256688 Today and tomorrow we have the pleasure of having Prof. Nicholas Allen as our guest in our school. Mr Allen acquired extensive theatrical and musical training both in the UK, and started working for ›Vienna's English Theatre‹ in 1967. From 1971 to 1986 he toured all over Austria, creating and organising a nationwide schools touring operation. He has worked for Austrian Radio as actor, speaker, author and translator, and from 1986 to 1989 he worked as assistant to his mentor: co- founder of ›Vienna's English Theatre‹, Prof. Dr. Franz Schafranek, O.B.E. He remained responsible for the school touring operation as well as writing and directing.

In 1991 he was awarded the Austrian Cross of Honour for Science and the Arts. He has published plays written for pupils of all ages, to perform in class and in public, and in 2002 he founded ›Shakespeare in Styria‹ with Rudolph Wojta, with the aim of bringing together some 30 to 35 young actors, acting students and school leavers who intend to make theatre their career. Last but not least, is his involvement in schools and universities over the past twelve years in Personality Training, with the aim of improving Overall Awareness and Presentational Competence in order to communicate effectively and become mündige (responsible and communicative) Bürger/Innen (Citizens) who exercise their rights and responsibilities.

Two groups of enthusiastic students from our 4th/5th classes are taking part in the WORKSHOP:

The Quality of Discussion and the Art of Communication

How important is the quality of our discussions, is their a deeper way of discussing which brings better results? Do we have the confidence to be what we have the right to be: responsible, fully aware, informed and communicative citizens? In order to promote and develop as an ethically healthy and functioning society, we have to be able to dispute and discuss in an intelligent way, focusing on the following aspects:

Ø Knowledge of both sides of the argument in order to understand our position more clearly

Ø The ability to listen

Ø Knowledge of historical background and cross-curricular aspects

Ø Being informed on knowing/learning how to communicate

Ø The tools of communication (the spoken word, body language)

Ø Formulation of ideas, overview of the rules and the structure of a debate

Ø Promotion of independent thinking and rational consent

Debating Societies/Unions/Competitions in schools and universities equip young people with these important tools, enabling their active role in society and providing the basis for a functioning democracy.

Der Workshop hat am 24. und 25. Oktober 2013 stattgefunden.

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