Schulband und Talentetage

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Die Big Band der Schule umrahmte die Großtagung der Englischlehrer im Bozner Sheraton Mitte November.

Katharina Vigl (4DM), member of the Big Band, on the experience of playing at the Conference for English Teachers “Unchain Your Minds”, 14th November 2014:

Playing in front of 360 English teachers was a great experience because of the joy they transmitted to us. It was a pleasure for us to play at the Sheraton because we didn’t play for marks, but we played for fun and entertainment. The atmosphere was good and we got lots of positive feedback.

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Voices from this year’s Talente Tage, Schloss Rechtenthal (Tramin), and namely the English workshop:

A road not taken (yet) … – Tune up your English through drama! (3. und 4. Klasse)

Let’s dive into fascinating worlds, parallel realities and far-away countries. Let’s awaken your imagination, creative power, grit and wit. Taste your own and get a taste of your peers’ performative potential. We’ll work on literary texts, create our own texts, and bring texts to life. We will involve you in drama activities, such as physical warm-ups, improvising, and role-taking. By engaging you in dynamic, interactive, and communicative tasks you will be able to experiment with and immerge into the English language. Therefore, step up to the plate and apply for a road not taken yet …(Workshopleiterinnen: Ulrike Seir und Helga Tschurtschenthaler)

Now, as the Talente Tage 2014 are over, it is time for some feedback.

A road not taken (yet) … - Tune up your English through drama!” was a very interesting workshop which was prepared flawlessly by the two tutors. Although they guided us through the activities, they set the main focus on the participants’ creativity, giving each of us the possibility to contribute to the workshop in our own way. We created blast performing scenes based on texts we had worked through and we even had the chance to add musical elements played by ourselves. The atmosphere was beautiful as the workshop took place in a castle. The meals were delicious and our rooms for the night were also very nice – warm and clean. I can only recommend these days at Schloss Rechtenthal, Tramin.    David Arce (4DM)

The Talente Tage for me was a journey in many ways: it was a journey to a new place where you meet new people; it was a journey to a new way of speaking English, of experiencing the English language through drama. Not only was it very interesting, it was also funny and helpful. One of the greatest parts of the Talente Tage was that really everyone was motivated, the teachers as well as the students – different from how it often goes at school. This was a very important aspect for me. Moreover, the tutors were very well prepared and carried the workshop out in an alternative way. I can proudly say that I have taken the road not taken yet – and I am glad that it isn’t finished yet.       Anna Fink (4DM)

Our group at the Talente Tage 2014 was very creative and well organized. These English lessons rich in variety made us produce so many great things: we wrote songs, speeches, poems, and acted like professional Broadway stars. We had so much fun that we didn’t get tired and stayed up talking to each other without end. It was a pleasure.       Diego Federico (4DM)




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